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Board members

Angelia Blunt



Angelia established this organization with the She serves on the board in many capacities. Angelia Blunt is the founder/CEO of MGA. prayer that she could go out into the community and help someone. With that being said, many families have been fed, clothed and sheltered, since 2002. The organization's

goal is to have a shelter open by 2018 with resources to put the homeless back in the workforce.   


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Sophia Stallworth


Sophia Stallworth is the Secretary that serves on the board of MGA. She has been with the organization since it was formed in 2002. Her love for people and volunteering extend well past the measures of secretarial duties. She gives back to the community and has made several donations in the past, Duties range from event planning to handle volunteer services. 

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Linda Davis Slaughter

Director of Volunteers

Linda has been apart of MGA since 2016.

Her duties consist of delegating a task to all volunteers. She also participates in community outreach.

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Maranda Ratchford

Event Specialist / Decor Design

 She serves as a Event Specialist. Her task entails making sure all MGA events represent the integrity of this organization                                                                                                                                                             


Lindsay Blunt

Videographer / Photographer

 She serves as our photographer and videographer. Stephanie has been apart of this organization for 4 years in various capacities.                                                                                                                                                           

Crystal Stallworth


She is the ambassador for MGA.

Her duties as the ambassador are to make a meaningful community and business relationships. She has been apart of MGA since 2002. 


 Cynthia Welch

Assistant Treasurer

Her duties include several responsibilities including financial expertise as well as dedication, time and patience.                                   

 Rafiel Slaughter

Co-Director of Volunteers

Rafiel has been apart of MGA since 2016.

His duties consist of delegating a task to all volunteers. Hee also participates in community outreach.

Rodney Ratchford Jr.


Rodney has been apart of MGA for many years. His duties are to be of spiritual support for our non-profit and the wonderful people we are serving

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